JetAmerica’s Fabulous $9 Flight Deal?

For the high-spirited Disney World honeymoon for New Yorkers or for the New York City honeymoon for those near Minneapolis, Lansing, Toledo, South Bend or Melbourne/Orlando, a new airline is making a splash by advertising $9 flights. For the first nine to 19 seats sold on each of JetAmerica’s flights, the ticket price is just $9. Sound too good to be true? Taxes and fees bring the round trip total closer to $60 for the lucky few who land these coveted seats. You’ll need to stick to their challenging schedule, since the airline owns only a single jet. Then typically, you’ll find yourself spending closer to $150 r/t after the initial cheap fares have been gobbled up. Plan to spend extra if you want to check a bag. Nevertheless, it’s worth a visit to their site if you live near a city in JetAmerica’s network. The flight savings might justify your honeymoon suite upgrade!

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