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Mexico’s Ridiculous Travel Deals!

Tuesday, June 9th, 2009

In an attempt to lure vacation travelers back to Mexico, most resorts are offering astounding deals. By the looks of the pricing, it’s likely to work. Take a look at Apple Vacation’s huge deals on travel to Mexico. How does a Puerto Vallarta all-inclusive for $70 per night, airfare included, sound? They’re playing my tune. Travelzoo checks under the cushions of the web for great deals. $349 Cancun Oasis 7-night all-inclusive, air included, is a current offering.

In most cases, rates like these can be had if you’re willing to travel on specific deal dates, from specific places, but other dates and airports will be reduced as well. Run your city and dates through a site’s pricing engine and you’ll usually find a comparable reduction from what you’d normally expect. With prices like these, you might just add a week to that honeymoon!

Let me know how you do. Happy registering!